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English Book Club B2plus (Kurs 42550)


Reading is good for your mind and soul. Book clubs expand your reading horizons and motivate you to read - and finish the book! You also get to meet new people and make new friends. Book clubs are a fantastic tool to get in more speaking and reading practice and provide a welcome change from normal class formats.

Book Club members will pick a book together (using your own or teacher's suggestions) that you want to share and discuss. During the sessions themselves, we will read and discuss sections of the book and review any unknown vocabulary and content. Finally we will move on to wider discussions and themes brought up in the book. Depending on the wishes of the class, we could also read sections of the book as homework, or practice writing skills by writing a review of each chapter.


  • Read an interesting, classic or modern book in English.
  • Discuss and learn more about the books' main themes and vocabulary.
  • Speak English more fluently and with confidence.


The book club is open to everyone from level B2, who is interested in reading and discussing books in the English language from authors around the globe.


Fr. 485.00

Weitere Kosten

The book (paperback) is not included in the price.


Dauer: 30 Lektionen, 15 Kurstage, 1 Semester

max. 10 Teilnehmende


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